La Casa de Usted y Otros Viajes

Jorge Ibargüengoitia|Spanish edition

About the book

The protagonists of these chronicles are the men and women who face the big city every day; travellers who are surprised by the urban vagaries and the linguistic gibberish of their inhabitants. Or the author himself, who wisely weighs the pros and cons of the supposed economic development of the people. The protagonists are defenseless citizens who try to get used to the capricious designs of a government that is determined to make life out of squares and the perplexed observer who discovers the manias confirmed by deep-rooted national prejudices.

La casa de usted y otros viajes is the last of the three volumes in which Guillermo Sheridan grouped the journalistic work of Jorge Ibargüengoitia. His work, one of the most important and original of the 20th century, crosses almost all genres: novel, short story, theatre, newspaper article, essay and children's stories. Often, he took real-life scandals and subjected them to whimsical, sardonic treatment. Thus, Los Relámpagos de Agosto (1964) uses cartoonish mayhem to debunk the Mexican Revolution's heroic myths. Somehow it won the Premio Casa de las Américas, despite or because of the consternation which its flippancy caused. For Las Muertas (1977) he turned to the most outrageous criminals of his native state: the brothel-keepers Delfina and María de Jesús González, whose decade-long careers as serial killers emerged in 1964. Jorge Ibarguengoitia himself met a tragic end, on what became one of the blackest days in Latin American artistic history: departing from his then home in Paris, he perished along with Peruvian poet Manuel Scorza, Uruguayan critic Ángel Rama, Argentinian academic Marta Traba, and 177 more passengers in the crash of Avianca Flight 011 on 27 November 1983.

The writer is buried in Antillon Park in Guanajuato where a talavera plaque marks his remains. In translation, it simply says, "Here lies Jorge Ibarguengoitia in the park of his great-grandfather who fought against the French."

ISBN: 978-607-07-3515-8

A city is an ever changing being, a collective force of lifestyles that both inspires and betrays its guests. Ultimately, it is the metropolitan set of rules and conditions that determines the way a citizen will experience his or her life. La Casa de Usted y Otros Viajes by Jorge Ibargüengoitia offers a historic range of micro-scale observations on the textures, joys and frustrations Mexico City imposes on us who live in it. In turn, Alejandro Veneno´s crafty musical selection captures a large-scale, atmospheric feeling that portrays what it means to live and move across the Mexican capital, a worthy example of mankind’s ability to conquer territory and turn it into a home.


⏩ LIT CITIES CDMX  by Alejandro Veneno and Fernando Ocaña, is a journey in various dimensions. Literally, the heart of the work is a selection of stories from La Casa de Usted y Otros Viajes by Jorge Ibargüengoitia, which have a special descriptive value, ranging from colourful little things to the very idiosyncrasy of the city.

99% of songs are composed in CDMX, most of them by Mexicans, plus some of my own compositions, which were composed in the city and for the city - Mexico City, which functions as a transversal force that unites the country.

And finally, the territorial with ambient sounds of 4 points in the city: Starting from the South, on Avenida de La Hacienda, Coapa, continuing up to La Narvarte, rain in La Alameda and ending majestically with the bell tower of the Zocalo.

Alejandro Veneno

Alejandro Veneno

Musician, composer and producer


Music: Alejandro Veneno 
Text: Fernando Ocaña 

No te lo pierdas. Ahí vamos!  🇲🇽


Alejandro Veneno - Genesis CDMX

Los Cogelones - Yaotecatl

Rodrigo Martinez - La bestia que gritó "amor" al centro del mundo

Bruha - Jungla (87 bpm)

Brray - No eres tu soy yo (DJ WINDOWS 7 EDIT)

Los Sleepers - Al Ritmo De La Lluvia

Alejandro Veneno - Junkspeed

Sonido La Changa - Cumbia Reyna Latina

Joan Sebastian - Rumores

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