Alejandro Veneno

Alejandro Veneno

Musician, composer and producer

Alejandro Veneno is a musician, composer and electronic producer. After his studies at the Astor Piazzolla classical music conservatory in Buenos Aires, he continued his career in Mexico City, where he currently resides. He is involved in various audiovisual projects, composing the music for several shorts, the soundtrack of ZANJAS, a movie premiered at the Raindance Film Festival and the JUNKSPEED's music, which was presented at the Architecture Biennale di Venezia in 2018. He is also involved in the world of fashion; The VALENTINO brand chose one of his songs for some of their ads and he composed several pieces for Calvin Klein.

La Casa de Usted y Otros Viajes

Jorge Ibargüengoitia|Spanish edition
La Casa de Usted y Otros Viajes is a scathing journey through the extravaganzas of Mexico and Mexico City. This collection of articles contains all facets of life in an intelligent, original and fun way.

⏩ LIT CITIES CDMX  by Alejandro Veneno and Fernando Ocaña, is a journey in various dimensions. Literally, the heart of the work is a selection of stories from La Casa de Usted y Otros Viajes by Jorge Ibargüengoitia, which have a special descriptive value, ranging from colourful little things to the very idiosyncrasy of the city.

99% of songs are composed in CDMX, most of them by Mexicans, plus some of my own compositions, which were composed in the city and for the city - Mexico City, which functions as a transversal force that unites the country.

And finally, the territorial with ambient sounds of 4 points in the city: Starting from the South, on Avenida de La Hacienda, Coapa, continuing up to La Narvarte, rain in La Alameda and ending majestically with the bell tower of the Zocalo.

Alejandro Veneno

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