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Jörg Fauser|German edition
Jörg Fauser as an observer of his life and his time: junkie in Istanbul, 1968 communard in Berlin, squatter in Frankfurt The autobiographical testimony is a fast-paced contemporary document of the sixties and seventies - and the story of one who set out to become a writer.

Fauser imagines Harry Gelb. A rare Human. In Rohstoff (raw material) he makes him a present to us. Generous and delightful. Fauser is letting Gelb, at page 13, grow up „in Frankfurt/M 50“. There, in the age of eighteen, he lets it become clear to him „that the profession of the writer was the only one, in which I could live out my Apathy and maybe nevertheless could make something out of my life.“ 277 pages later, with stopovers in Istanbul, Göttingen, München and Berlin Harry Gelb lies, at the last page and right there, in the Frankfurt main station district, outside. „This then was the pavement.“ And under the pavement with Fausers Gelb lies nothing, not even the strand. Until there and then Harry Gelb transports what Fauser experienced in his own body. „We took everything we could get… raw Opium… Nembutal … all kinds of Uppers… . Ede painted, I wrote.“ Narrated is the resumé of Life towards personality. From myth to novel. Truth knowing itself, between 1968 and 80/81. Just history. All the rest is error, turpidity, opinion, striving, arbitrariness and transcience. Absolutely rousing.

Michael Stöppler

Michael Stöppler

Social Scientist

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