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El gol del siglo

Iconos Argentinos
England versus Argentina. June 22, 1986. 55th minute of the game. Estadio Azteca. 114,580 spectators. Diego Maradona's epic solo took off in his own half. After he rounded six players (Hoddle, Reid, Sansom, Butcher, Fenwick and goalkeeper Shilton), he netted into eternity. El gol del siglo - great flip book.


"La pelota no se mancha!"

Lit Cities Radio Show 12 pays tribute to „el pipe de oro“ Diego Armando Maradona 💔

featuring Gary Lineker, Eduardo Galeano, Hugo "Turquito" Maradona, Jorge Valdano and D1OS

„Creo que no hay sitio mejor para despedir a Diego que este“ (Jorge Valdano / Maximo Triolo)

Lit Cities Radio

Lit Cities Radio

on Radio80k

Los Rituales Del Caos

Carlos Monsiváis|Spanish edition
"Los Rituales del Caos" describes the influence of popular culture and folk traditions on Mexican society as people adapt ancient rituals to modern situations in Mexico City.
Carlos Fuentes was adored, Carlos Monsiváis was loved. The main difference? Monsiváis loved the city back - just the way it was - with all its grit, promise and inadequacies. read more
Fredrik Ström

Fredrik Ström

Urbanist & Tenor

The Savage Detectives

Roberto Bolaño
The Savage Detectives is Bolaño's celebrated novel. Immoderate, bizarre and feverish as the Amazonas and metropolises of South America. The novel is a road movie that finds a brilliant ending in a Mexico Western showdown in DF.

La Casa de Usted y Otros Viajes

Jorge Ibargüengoitia|Spanish edition
La Casa de Usted y Otros Viajes is a scathing journey through the extravaganzas of Mexico and Mexico City. This collection of articles contains all facets of life in an intelligent, original and fun way.

A city is an ever changing being, a collective force of lifestyles that both inspires and betrays its guests. Ultimately, it is the metropolitan set of rules and conditions that determines the way a citizen will experience his or her life. La Casa de Usted y Otros Viajes by Jorge Ibargüengoitia offers a historic range of micro-scale observations on the textures, joys and frustrations Mexico City imposes on us who live in it. In turn, Alejandro Veneno´s crafty musical selection captures a large-scale, atmospheric feeling that portrays what it means to live and move across the Mexican capital, a worthy example of mankind’s ability to conquer territory and turn it into a home.


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