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Georg Diez & Christopher Roth
Superburg is part of the 80*81 series, in which Christopher Roth and Georg Diez investigate a crucial question: What actually happened back in 1980?

Superburg, edited by Georg Diez and Christopher Roth, published as volume 8 of the series 80*81 in the Edition Patrik Frey. Each volume is different, different sizes, colors, countries, people. Superburg. Is yellow and inside it looks like a travelogue, with maps and found objects, and photos from other times. Time travel. And photos from the present. Joburg. Superburg. 2012. Diez and Roth are guided through "The Elusive Metropolis" the book by Sarah Nuttall and Achille Mbembe. Both also give the central interview in Superburg. A lot is about football, and the 2010 World Cup, how much it has changed for the better. Of course it is about Mandela and the future, about change and metaphors. "Whose Metaphors?" Other participants are: Santu Mofokeng, Daviz Mbepo Simango, David Goldblatt, Joachim Schönfeldt, Mikhail Subotzky, Prophet, Anne Tismer, Lien Botha, Kudzanai Chiurai, Lerato Maduna, Lingo Rodrigues, John Liebenberg, Lesego Rampolokeng and many others.

Jeanne Tremsal

Jeanne Tremsal


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