für Paris

Vernon Subutex

Virginie Despentes
Who is Vernon Subutex? An urban legend, the last witness to a world of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, who represents an entire generation. These days it doesn't really work out for him. A grandiose moral portrait of our time.

Although there are quite a few novels about draughty record store owners, musicians and DJs, the whole thing set in Paris, of course, has its own special charm. Anyone who knows the business, has certainly experienced one or many champagne-pregnant, fogged situation like in Vernon Subutex.

Jonas Imbery

Jonas Imbery

Cultural Impresario

Against Nature

Joris-Karl Huysmans
The spectacular antidote against naturalism. His hero is the most decadent dandy of the late 19th century.

A slender novel of the late nineteenth-century based in Paris. The protagonist, a precious aesthete and anglophile, prepares himself for a journey to London. He fails to accomplish the journey but reaches the conclusion that anticipation, when pursued with passion and precision, is an equal, if not greater reward. Reading the book insinuates a question that never leaves the mind - is his conclusion sublime or absurd, and if sublime what impact should the idea have upon our lives?

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