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Norwegian Wood

Haruki Murakami
For Toru Watanabe, the Beatles tune "Norwegian Woods" is a melancholy song of remembrance: he seeks to preserve and understand a pain- and fateful youth . Set in the troubled sixties in Tokyo, this stunning novel propelled Murakami to the forefront of the literary scene.
When I open this book, the first page contains four dates in my scrawly handwriting: 2010. 2011. 2013. 2016. read more
Mariko Minoguchi

Mariko Minoguchi

Screenwriter & Director

The Scarlet Gang of Asakusa

Yasunari Kawabata
The Scarlet Gang of Asakusa portrays the harsh and delightful atmosphere of Tokyo's sinful Asakusa district in the late 1920s.

After Dark

Haruki Murakami
From midnight to dawn - a magical journey through Tokyo at night.

Convenience Store Woman

Sayaka Murata
An outsider finds her true destiny as an employee of a 24-hour supermarket. She the everyday usual like a difficult art project. The panorama of Tokyo society whose values ​​and norms seem immovable.

I always woke up very early in Tokyo. Everything was closed, except for a family mart in which a tired man worked. He reminded me of the convenience store woman, of this freedom through constraints. In general, many Japanese people seem like they confuse work with life, but at the same time know that it might be nice to spend more time with their friends.

Martin Fengel

Martin Fengel


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