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Coming Through Slaughter

Michael Ondaatje
New Orleans, shortly after 1900: Buddy Bolden, womanizer, barber and cornetist, is considered the man who invented jazz. One day he disappears. His old friend Webb hunts him down in Storyville, New Orleans' whorehouse district, and brings Buddy back to Canal Street, the site of orgiastic music parades where Buddy plays until he goes mad.
Ondaatje’s first novel is a journey through the streets, bars and music halls of New Orleans at the turn of the twentieth-century, focusing on the life and artistic evolution of the innovative trumpeter, Buddy Bolden. read more

A Walk on the Wild Side

Nelson Algren
Cult. Classic. A Walk on the Wild Side is a poetic force of nature for soloists pursuing their impossible dreams.

Nine Lives: Mystery, Magic, Death, and Life in New Orleans

Dan Baum
In soulful tales, Nine Lives reports the near death of a great American city. New Orleans breathes on every page.

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