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Niklas Maak|German edition
Between the will to create and the desire to sacrifice, between the compulsion to control and the longing for chaos, between technophoria and technophobia, the Smart City pioneer Turek wanders through the digitalizing world.

Okay, maybe not just Bonn, but Berlin as well. Or more Berlin than Bonn. But in the beginning, Niklas Maak's novel is about this wonderful Bonn republic, the old FRG, the Chancellor's bungalow, the social market economy, somehow Munich '72. And of course Köppen. Greenhouse (Treibhaus). But also WG Sebald (not only because of the black and white pictures). An incredibly entertaining book, because it is about reality, about JG Ballards' "Next 5 minutes", about megalomania and geo-engineering, terraforming, gorillas and communities, about capitalist realism, about the belief that the peaceful use of nuclear fission could liberate mankind. "Radio activity is in the air for you and me", to the "solutions" of smart city. Sidewalk Labs, Toronto. Solutionism. Niklas Maak presents his book on TECHNOPHORIA and then 3 other books.

Christopher Roth

Christopher Roth

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