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Turek works for a company that builds Smart Cities. His boss is obsessed with an old plan: If the Egyptian Qattara Depression could be flooded with water from the Mediterranean Sea, sea levels could be lowered, climate change slowed - and billions could be earned. Technophoria tells of the beauties and absurdities of the digital world, of people who are building the future or trying to escape it. A sharp look at a society that has given up its freedom for comfort and security, and an unusual love story that takes us around the world, to gorillas and robots, to anarchist communities, talking houses and server farms - and to people who have as little control over their lives as love.

ISBN: 978-3-446-26403-8

Okay, maybe not just Bonn, but Berlin as well. Or more Berlin than Bonn. But in the beginning, Niklas Maak's novel is about this wonderful Bonn republic, the old FRG, the Chancellor's bungalow, the social market economy, somehow Munich '72. And of course Köppen. Greenhouse (Treibhaus). But also WG Sebald (not only because of the black and white pictures). An incredibly entertaining book, because it is about reality, about JG Ballards' "Next 5 minutes", about megalomania and geo-engineering, terraforming, gorillas and communities, about capitalist realism, about the belief that the peaceful use of nuclear fission could liberate mankind. "Radio activity is in the air for you and me", to the "solutions" of smart city. Sidewalk Labs, Toronto. Solutionism. Niklas Maak presents his book on TECHNOPHORIA and then 3 other books.

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