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Future Shock

Alvin Toffler
In all-time terms: Future Shock is about the present. Future Shock is about what is happening today to people who are overwhelmed by change. Change affects everything - if it was Covid-19, the electoral realities in the U.S. or urban decay like it occurred in Motown. Following that train of thought: Future Shock heavily influenced Detroit Techno. Listen to Lit Cities Radio and enjoy a private dance.
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Joyce Carol Oates
A novel about class, race, and the horrific, glassy sparkle of urban life, them chronicles the lives of the Wendalls, a family on the steep edge of poverty in the windy, riotous Detroit slums.

Detroit: An American Autopsy

Charlie LeDuff
An explosive exposé of America’s lost prosperity and an edgy portrait of the decline, destruction, and possible redemption of Detroit.

Once In A Great City

Maraniss, David
Once in a Great City is a tour de force about the quintessential American city at the top of its game: Detroit in 1963.

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