Anna Kuen

Anna Kuen

Artist & Model

Anna Kuen makes art. And works as a model (Ann Kuen). She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and moved to Berlin in 2019 with a diploma in her pocket. Berlin is her new home, from here she travels all over the world, reads a lot, sees a lot and processes all of this in her paintings.

The Godmother

Hannelore Cayre
Politically incorrect, self-deprecating, and a little disgusted: A translator uses her job in court to get into the drug trade.

Paris and the Godmother and the Godmother in Paris.... who is not that old at all, insanely clever and funny. Patience Portefeux (the name alone!) translates wiretapped telephone conversations from Arabic into French for the Paris drug department until she gets into business herself. Her life story is no less absurd and amusing. With Patience through Paris: Essential reading recommendation.

Anna Kuen

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