Lunch Poems

Frank O'Hara

About the book

When Frank O'Hara walked through Manhattan's midday hours, he often stopped at an exhibit of an Olivetti typewriter to type thirty or forty lines. For deeper thoughts, he retired to a dark warehouse. Either way, he never forgot one thing: to have lunch, his favorite meal.

O'Hara moved to New York, where he worked for the Museum of Modern Art and wrote for Art News. In 1960 he was appointed Assistant Curator for Painting and Sculpture Exhibitions at MOMA. Together with John Ashbery, Kenneth Koch, James Schuyler and Barbara Guest, he is considered a founding member of the New York School.

The poetry book "Lunch Poems" transmits lonely seriousness and a meticulous autobiography to a broad, vague audience - similar to today's Twitter and Facebook feeds. (The Atlantic).

Travels always with me...I switch to it when I get tired and have no concentration for “my other academic books”. He describe his mood of writing as a phone call to a friend - defining as personalism... reading his poems time after time is like listening to a song or album again and again. My fav. on that book is the poem called 'Song'.

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