Zagreb, Exit South

Edo Popovic

About the book

A book about the generation who got piss drunk in the 20th century and sobers up in the 21st. 

Edo Popovic illuminates the lives of diverse, colorful characters adrift in postwar Croatia. The disintegration of their country had swept them away, their juvenile illusions are gone and it is time to change what still can be changed. Through bleary, middle-aged eyes, writer Baba takes readers on an amusing, thought-provoking ride as he circles the streets of Zagreb bemoaning the dying out of domestic beer, Kancheli's ridiculous musical lighter, and the fear of going home. His wife Vera, facing wrinkles and an alcoholic spouse, discovers that e-mail is cheaper than therapy as she reshapes her life. Reflective insight, biting humor, and life-changing experiences combine to revive hope in the shadows of Zagreb's city buildings.

ISBN: 978-1-932010-09-1


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