La Sicilia è un’isola per modo di dire

Mario Fillioley|Italian edition

About the book

Mario Fillioley knows well that he finds himself in front of a place that is all too told, cloaked in its own tradition which - from the cycle of the vanquished to television dramas - has accumulated and incorporated an endless series of versions, always on the border between topos and stereotype.

Avoiding both rhetorical and anti-rhetorical poses, Syracuse born Fillioley speaks to the readers as if they were friends, without tricks and without hypocrisy but with a charming irony. He thus succeeds in an apparently impossible undertaking: to say something new about an island that is too large, too complex.

From the oil refinery boom to the birth of Fontane Bianche, the renovation of Ortigia or how to prepare the real caponata. This book unlocks Sicily in an infotaining way. You should steal this, Mr. Urban!

Giovanni Fiderio

Giovanni Fiderio

Musician & Bookseller


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