Olka Osadzińska

Olka Osadzińska


Olka Osadzińska is a Berlin-based artist, creative director and curator from Warsaw. She has worked on various international art projects o ver the past ten years, creating illustrations and designs for a wide range of fashion and lifestyle brands as well as for glossy publications such as Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Commons&Sense or Highsnobiety.

The World of Yesterday

Stefan Zweig
As a Viennese star witness and avid European, Stefan Zweig writes longingly about the heyday of the old continent until it burnt in the hellfire of World War II.

The lesson Zweig teaches you is as beautiful as it is painful. „My today is so much different than all my yesterdays; I have risen and fallen so often, that sometimes I feel as if I have lived not just one but several lives. When I say, without thinking, ‘my life’, I often find myself instinctively wondering which life.” And: „But if we can salvage only a splinter of truth from the structure of its ruin, and pass it on to the next generation by bearing witness to it, we will not have lived entirely in vain.” Read it, and live as if yesterday and today were the only things you could really own.

Olka Osadzińska

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