Cómo Dejar de Escribir

Esther Llovet García|Spanish edition

About the book

Renfo, the son of the great Ronaldo, the mystical Latin American writer, wanders through Madrid in search of his father's lost manuscript. Accompanied by Curto, an ex-convict friend, and Vips, a long-term unemployed, he roams the city during a steamy summer that is animated by dirty girls, stolen cars, dirty parties and psychopathic comedians, shabby bartenders and bars that never close.

Cómo Dejar de Escribir is an ironic and hallucinating selfie. A novel about Madrid, about people who don't know what they want. How to stop doing nothing and start doing everything; how to stop writing and go to war. A novel with diluted atmospheres and diffuse, helpless humor, written in the sharp, compact and suggestive style that is the hallmark of one of the eccentric voices in current Spanish literature

ISBN: 978-84-339-9827-9

The novel describes a Madrid which is suffering from the economic crisis, full of ambition, desire and frustration!


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