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Buenos Aires, 1963: Juan Salvo and his family and friends are playing cards when it starts to snow. That alone never happens in the Argentine capital. The snow that now falls on the city is deadly, its poison penetrates every crack, whoever comes into contact with it dies immediately. Aliens have conquered Buenos Aires, and kill the inhabitants of the city or turn them into slaves. Juan Salvo and his friends are among the few survivors. They decide to go and fight the overpowering enemy.

Science fiction? It is unthinkable not to read as an anticipatory portrait of Argentine society under the military dictatorship. An anticipation of the state's violence in the 1970s, to which to Héctor G. Oesterheld and his four daughters also fell victim. To date, they are among the "desaparecidos".


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ISBN: 978-1-60699-850-2

The prophetic graphic novel - it anticipates the military dictatorship in Argentina - is also an extraordinary read and a powerful appeal to solidarity in the Covid-19 pandemic. As early as 1957-1959, Eternauta said: "Nadie se salva solo". You get the point. Francisco Solano López's drawings lead you through an apocalyptic Buenos Aires that is also in quarantine in March 2020. For the author Héctor Germán Oesterheld, the collective is the only possible hero! 

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Lukas Kubina


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