Sarah Farina

Sarah Farina

DJ, Producer & Activist

Sarah Farina's sets and music productions are inclusive, forward-thinking and unrestrained. It’s a genre and cliche rejecting style that she’s named RainbowBass. She’s vocal about the issues of current club culture and runs the project „Transmission“ with Dr. Kerstin Meißner, which aims to make the political relevance and history of international sound, club and rave culture audible and visible.

Hood Feminism

Mikki Kendall
Hood Feminism is a brutally candid portrait of mainstream white feminism. The electrifying critique is announcing a fresh new voice in black feminism. It is an act of fierce love and advocacy, a call to action for today’s feminists and an urgent piece of feminist discourse.

On the occasion of the awareness week on Radio80k, Sarah Farina contributes a 🌈  RainbowBass special to Lit Cities Radio.

The program week on Radio80k highlights artists, DJs and collectives who already for years have been fighting for equality, point out grievances and empower lgbtqia+ and BiPOC people to participate in music and club culture. If you have any ideas how to contribute, criticize and provide valuable feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact Radio80k via [email protected].

Sarah Farina

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